Who we are

Energys Green Hydrogen Australia

Energys has been leading the Australian green hydrogen market for over 10 years because we know how to make green hydrogen work in the real world.

Our team is made up of hydrogen scientists, engineers and energy experts ready to make the awesome potential of a clean, sustainable hydrogen future a reality right now.

We offer the latest green hydrogen technology and integrated hydrogen systems, ready to meet the needs of a changing energy landscape in Australia.

We are inspired by the possibilities of hydrogen technology and are excited to be an essential part of Australia’s renewable energy solution. Our vision is to make green hydrogen convenient and economical for businesses and organisations – and an everyday part of life for all Australians.

Our goals

Our goals are to:

  • make green hydrogen an economic reality
  • eliminate the use of diesel and
  • empower Australia to lead the world in green hydrogen production and utilisation.

We are achieving this by developing comprehensive systems and leading products and technologies to empower you to generate, store and dispense hydrogen gas, and use hydrogen power.

From initial design and feasibility to manufacture, regulatory approval, plant operation and through-life support – we’re there every step of the way. We’re reliable, practical and flexible so that you can move forward with certainty and confidence.

Our technologies, products and systems are ahead of the market because we don’t just find solutions for today – we seek out and solve the problems of tomorrow.

Green Hydrogen Goals

We're ready to go

Contact Energys on 1300 596 368 or email us at: GreenH2@energys.com.au