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Latest Video: Building the Future of Hydrogen at Extreme-E

Watch as our expert engineers race to commission a one megawatt hydrogen fuel cell in the remote desert of Saudi Arabia. It's never been done before. It's never been attempted before. They have just seven days to bring it online and the clock is ticking.

The system, called a Powerhouse, will provide power to the Extreme E electric car rally including the critical fast chargers in pit lane. Using only pure hydrogen gas as a fuel the megawatt power house emits only pure water as its exhaust. The Powerhouse designed as a zero emissions alternative to diesel generators. It works along side renewable energy inputs such as solar and battery storage to deliver reliable, genuine zero emissions power anywhere on earth.

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Extreme E Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

The world's leading green hydrogen company

We have built a highly skilled and experienced team including hydrogen engineers, scientists, business and energy experts all united by a vision to make green hydrogen accessible, economical and convenient for all.

We offer hydrogen power products including complete, end-to-end hydrogen systems to meet the hydrogen needs of today and tomorrow.

The green hydrogen future is here

Energys has been leading the industry for over 10 years and we are ready to make green hydrogen work for you. We know the future of hydrogen in Australia because we are making it happen right now.

Closing the hydrogen loop

End-to-end hydrogen production and green hydrogen power solutions. We solve the hydrogen integration puzzle with leading propriety systems, products and technologies.


Electrolysers. Full system design, installation, commissioning and operation.


Tanks, cylinders. Proprietary system for optimising storage sizing.


Refuelling stations. Proprietary system for optimising sizing and non-std packaging.


Fuel cells. Fully integrated fuel cell platform for stationary and mobile, land and marine based power.
If you’re ready to make green hydrogen work for you, we’re ready to show you how.

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Energys has been leading the Australian hydrogen market for over 10 years because we know how to make green hydrogen work in the real world.

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