Integrated hydrogen systems

Green Hydrogen Systems

Complete hydrogen systems close the loop on hydrogen generation, storage, dispensing and hydrogen power.

Energys is Australia’s leading partner and facilitator of fully integrated and interconnected green hydrogen systems.

Hydrogen systems cover both the equipment and connections to generate, store, dispense and use hydrogen energy, and the relationships between companies and individuals to benefit together within a hydrogen co-operative agreement.

We put all the pieces together to create fully integrated hydrogen systems which secure hydrogen supply and accessibility and open the doors to a dynamic green hydrogen future.

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Green Hydrogen Systems

Hydrogen systems

Fully integrated and complete systems to produce, store, distribute and use hydrogen for fuel, power generation, mobility and hydrogen feedstock.

We supply and integrate all the technology, connections and support to create fully resolved and self-sustaining hydrogen energy systems.

Green Hydrogen Co-operatives

Hydrogen co-operatives

Hydrogen co-operatives are about bringing together multiple stakeholders to share the investment and benefits of establishing integrated hydrogen systems.

Hydrogen co-ops are agreements that cover hydrogen security, renewable energy and other valuable outputs such as oxygen gas.

Green Hydrogen Integration

Solving the integration puzzle

We solve all the challenges and fit all the integration pieces together to create exciting new green hydrogen opportunities for Australians.

While the promises of a green hydrogen future have always been compelling, we are focused on making it happen today. The time has come to realise the benefits of reliable, fully operational green hydrogen systems for energy, mobility, industrial and export applications.

Mobility systems

Hydrogen mobility systems include electrolysers for green hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and distribution systems and networks, refuelling stations and hydrogen fuel cells to run cars, trucks, transport, farming and commercial vehicles.

Co-operative agreements may cover access to renewable energy sources, hydrogen purchase agreements and shared investment in refuelling systems.

Green Hydrogen Mobility
Dedicated green hydrogen supply systems

Dedicated hydrogen supply systems

Shared hydrogen resources empower entire communities to benefit from clean, sustainable energy. For example, remote and regional areas can construct a hydrogen microgrid to replace noisy and polluting diesel generators with clean, reliable and affordable hydrogen.

We provide both the infrastructure and technology, as well as the contract agreements to facilitate functional, mutually beneficial co-operation between parties.

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