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Shiptec and Energys Partnering on Marine Fuel Cells

Energys and Shiptec Partner to Advance Green Hydrogen in European Maritime Industry

Driving the Future of Green Hydrogen in Europe’s Maritime Sector

Energys, a global hydrogen fuel cell systems company, and Shiptec, a leading Swiss naval architecture and shipbuilding firm, have formed a strategic partnership to advance zero-emission solutions in the European maritime market.

Energys Kicks off Fuel Cell Mass Manufacture with First Order Going to Victorian Pilot Program

Energys Kicks off Fuel Cell Mass Manufacture with First Order Going to Victorian Pilot Program

This week Energys proudly unveiled the first of five cutting-edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators being manufactured for Telstra as part of an alternative energy backup pilot program.

Manufacting Hall of Fame Zero Emissions Winner

Energys Awarded Leader in Zero and Low Emission Technologies

Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards 2023

Energys is proud to receive the 2023 Manufacturing Hall of Fame Award for Zero and Low Emissions Technology from the Victorian Government.

At the awards Gala Dinner on 10 August 2023, Distinguished individuals and organizations in Victoria's manufacturing sector have been commended for their accomplishments, as the 21st Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards showcased excellence throughout the state.

The awards acknowledged leaders across significant sectors including defence and aerospace, food and beverage, digital, health, and low emissions technologies, introducing nine new categories this year.

Energys took out the honours being named as Victorian state leader in Zero and Low Emissions Technology in recognition of its fuel cell power products manufacturing facility in Mulgrave, Victoria. The new facility and production line, established in 2021, result from over a decade of research and product development in green hydrogen technology. It stands as one of only a handful of manufacturing lines in the world capable of delivering commercially ready fuel cell gen-sets and megawatt-scale power plants.

Minister for Manufacturing Sovereignty Ben Carroll extended his official congratulations to the winners during the event, which united the industry to honour Victoria's foremost manufacturers, with the generous support of the Victorian Government.

Carroll remarked, "Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of this year's Manufacturing Hall of Fame awards, who embody the comprehensive diversity of Victoria's sector and contribute to our prominence on the global stage of advanced manufacturing."

He continued, "As manufacturing evolves towards increased intelligence and sustainability, these Victorian companies are at the forefront, introducing new technologies, innovations, and progressive work methodologies."

Since its founding in 2012, Energys has maintained its position as a visionary leader in the hydrogen sector. Presently, the company manufactures its world-leading third-generation hydrogen fuel cell generators and megawatt-scale Powerhouse products from the Mulgrave facility. Energys' cutting-edge technology is exemplified by its proprietary fuel cell engine, the modular building block for all its power products. These fuel cell gen-sets and Powerhouses are specifically designed for commercial applications, with a focus on reliability, simplified safety, ease of operation, and low cost of ownership. They operate within declared hazardous zones similar to or smaller than traditional diesel systems and emit only water vapour as an exhaust.

Energys' recognition in the Manufacturing Hall of Fame underscores its dedication to zero and low emissions technology, setting the stage for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Ready to Go

Energys is a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell power generators and integrated systems, including production, storage and dispensing.

Energys has over ten years experience delivering commercially ready systems internationally.

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