Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub Electrolyser Operational

Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub Electrolyser Operational

Energys Australia is proud to have delivered the electrolyser at the now operational Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub.  The milestone marks full delivery and successful commissioning of the 500 kW polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM), with capacity to upgrade the unit to 1MW. The containerised electrolyser system is currently producing green hydrogen at the facility which is being utilised for blending into the local natural gas network as part of the 5-year demonstration.

The Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub has been designed to prove that green hydrogen has a pivotal role to play in decarbonising Australia’s energy market. By converting excess solar and wind energy into green hydrogen gas and storing within a dedicated on-site pipeline that effectively acts as a battery, storing this excess energy for later use. Stored hydrogen is then blended into the NSW gas network or utilised by the hydrogen microturbine or fuel cell as part of a technology test bed.  A multitude of other uses for the green hydrogen are expected to emerge, particularly as NSW’s hydrogen fuel cell transport sector begins to mature.

The electrolyser is the first of its scale in NSW and is the first time that green hydrogen has been trialled in NSW. Achieving this did not come without its challenges including, COVID-19, supply chain issues, international support staff as well as site access restrictions from State lockdowns.

Energys Australia prides itself on being at the forefront of delivering real world ready green hydrogen solutions. The successful commissioning and ongoing operations of the electrolyser at Jemena’s Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub shows that Energys Australia is Ready to Go.

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