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Supporting Fuel Cell Education & Adoption

Supporting Fuel Cell Education & Adoption

Energys was delighted to share its technical knowledge and commercial experience with participants in Session 6 of the Engineers Australia Hydrogen Industry Technical Series.

The Hydrogen Industry Technical Series is a 10-week program offered by Engineers Australia to educate and upskill participants to better serve the rapidly emerging hydrogen industry. As a global leader in the hydrogen industry, Energys Australia was invited to share the real-world experience it has gained in delivering hydrogen fuel-cell projects over the past decade.

Session 6 focused on a practical dive into the technology of hydrogen fuel cells and their commercial applications. Educators included Rebecca Starcy of Energy Safe Victoria, Victoria Munro from H2X Global, CEO of Optimal Group Australia, Craig Duncan and Energys Founder Noel Dunlop. The session concluded with a field trip to the Energys manufacturing facility in Mulgrave, Victoria.

The two-part session took engineers through the electro-chemical aspects of different fuel cell types, including their suitability for differing applications. Fuel cell types covered included; Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEMFC), Alkaline (AFC), Phosphoric Acid (PAFC), Molten Carbonate (MCFC), Solis Oxid (SOFC) and Direct Methanol (DMFC) fuel cells.

The technical deep dive included a closer look at the manufacture and assembly of PEM Fuel Cell stacks, bi-polar plates, electrolyte membrane, catalyst layers and outer gas diffusion layer. Differing bi-polar plate materials and design approaches were also explored.

Energys Founder Dr Noel Dunlop led the Standards and Applications session focusing on stationary power, marine fuel cells and land transport. Stationary fuel cell applications covered in depth included Remote Off-Grid and Grid Balancing. As an industry expert on hydrogen safety standards, Dr Dunlop also introduced the group to Australian and international standards for both stationary and marine applications, including the Energys marine fuel cell generator, which is currently undergoing DNV-GL approval.

As a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell power products, Energys understands it has a responsibility to support the adoption of zero emissions green hydrogen. The Engineers Australia Hydrogen Industry Technical Series was an excellent opportunity to support this adoption by sharing its extensive knowledge with engineers and the wider industry.

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