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Megawatt Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Ships to Saudi Arabian Customer

What a way to start 2023 – with a world first!

The Energys Australia team celebrates a world first achievement as its 1.3 Megawatt Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powerhouse leaves the factory in Mulgrave, Victoria bound for a yet to be announced customer in Saudi Arabia.

The Energys Hydrogen Powerhouse generator is a fully self-contained zero-emissions alternative to carbon emitting diesel-electric gen sets and gas turbine generators. The Powerhouse is designed with the flexibility to connect to existing mixed electricity grids as well as operate in fully autonomous off-grid “island mode.”

The Powerhouse is comprised of two turn-key containerised modules containing hydrogen fuel cell banks, power electrics, control systems, process water recovery and balance of plant. The modular, containerised turn-key approach enables rapid installation and commissioning including in extreme and remote environments typical for mining, agriculture, and other remote power applications.

To prove the reliability and turn-key nature of the Powerhouse the team will rapidly commission and operate the system in a yet to be announced remote location in the Saudi Arabian desert in early 2023. After a short period of operation, the Energys team will remain on-site to rapidly demobilise the Powerhouse and redeploy it to another longer-term location.

It is the first time any organisation in the world has attempted to internationally ship a megawatt scale powerhouse and conduct a rapid commissioning process of this kind.

The significance of this world first goal is further amplified by the remote location in which the commissioning activity will occur.

The site selected for the first use of the Energys Hydrogen Powerhouse is a remote region of the Saudi Arabian dessert without basic supporting infrastructure usually required for such a project. At present the commissioning site is a bare sandy dessert with no roads, electricity, water or other basic infrastructure.

The Powerhouse was designed and manufactured entirely in-house by Energys Australia in its Mulgrave facility. The facility is currently undergoing rapid expansion to meet rising international demand for green hydrogen power products.

The Energys Power Products range include Hydrogen Gen-Set products ranging from 10kW to 400kW and larger Powerhouse products in multi-megawatt scale.

The delivery and commissioning of the 1.3 Megawatt Powerhouse in Saudi Arabia in early 2023 will  prove beyond doubt that Energys Australia is capable of manufacturing and delivering operational, world leading hydrogen fuel cell systems anywhere in the world.

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