Hydorgen fuel cell manufactoring Australia

Manufacturing Scales Up at Energys for Hydrogen Power Products

Energys Australia has commenced volume manufacture of its third-generation fuel cell power products at a new manufacturing facility in Mulgrave Victoria.

The company relocated to the 2000+ square meter headquarters in November 2021 in response to a large increase in demand for its proven fuel cell products in mobile, marine and stationary applications. From this facility the Energys team will deliver multiple megawatts of hydrogen fuel cell engines and generators for customers around Australia and the world over the next 12 months.

Manufacturing lines for the Energys designed Fuel Cell Engines are the first to come online at the new facility. The proprietary Fuel Cell Engine is the common modular building block at the heart of all Energys hydrogen power products including stationary gen sets, land vehicle and marine propulsion systems. 

Each Fuel Cell Engine is a self-contained power generation unit equipped with its own independent control and safety features all housed within a rackable enclosure. Multiple Fuel Cell Engines are then combined or “racked” in modular configurations to form larger Hydrogen Gen Sets and other power products ranging in output from 10’s of kilowatts to multiple megawatts.

The modular approach provides opportunities to lower the cost of hydrogen fuel cell products by increasing commonality and reducing overhead throughout the product range. There are also reliability benefits through the use of modular designs that have been extensively tested and proven in the real-world.

The team at Energys Australia are gearing up for a very busy 12 months as it turns out more and more hydrogen power products. As market adoption of hydrogen fuel cells increases, demand for their products is set to grow even more in the years ahead. 

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