Energys Australia, Mulgrave Victoria

Energys Australia Expands into New Facilities as Demand Grows for Hydrogen Power

Energys Australia has moved to a new headquarters and manufacturing centre in Mulgrave, Victoria as demand for its hydrogen power products increases dramatically.

Energys is Australia’s leading sovereign manufacturer of proven hydrogen fuel cell power systems.  After more than a decade of investment in hydrogen R&D, product development and real-world testing, the company now boasts a series of mature 3rd generation hydrogen fuel cell power generators. This visionary early investment in hydrogen power is now paying dividends for Energys and its customers who are seeking to capitalise on the emerging global zero emissions “hydrogen economy”.

The new 2000sqm facility was selected for its capacity to support multiple production lines for Energys’ range of stationary and mobile hydrogen fuel cell power products. Industrial fabrication and assembly spaces sit alongside purpose-built areas for sensitive electronics manufacture with flexibility to scale significantly to meet increasing market demand.

The Mulgrave facility is rapidly gearing up to service multiple existing contracts and significant new orders in the pipeline, including high profile export contracts. The team at Energys will deliver multiple megawatts of hydrogen fuel cell generators over the next year from its range of medium scale kilowatt genset products to large scale containerised megawatt powerhouses. Over a decade of investment in product development is about to be met by growing market demand making the Mulgrave production line a very busy place to be.

“We saw an economic future for hydrogen over ten years ago, but also knew that there was a significant technology and product performance gap.” said Energys Vice President, Noel Dunlop.

“The basic technology existed but, back then, a customer couldn’t go out and buy a proven plug-and-play, fuel cell generator. We’ve spent the last decade closing that gap by turning the technology into deliverable real-world ready products that are proven and ready to go. It’s come just in time for a market which is now entering a strong growth phase.”

Energys’ investment in hydrogen product development is also matched by its investment in advanced manufacturing skills. Founded on a small team, the company is now rapidly expanding including world leading design engineers, scientists, marketing and business development, project management, manufacturing engineers and technicians. The company also proudly invests in the local STEM education sector having recently accepted four engineering students as part of its graduate and intern program. The team is only set to grow from there.

“We’re excited to be part of Australia’s pivot to advanced manufacturing and to be an emerging local employer for the delivery of world leading zero emissions power products and services.” said Energys Managing Director, Roger Knight.

“The hydrogen economy is full of emerging opportunities both locally and globally and with the right team in place, we intend to capitalise and build on our recognised international position.”

Whilst manufacture of fuel cell power generators is a clear focus for the Energys Mulgrave facility, it will also serve as a base for the company’s green hydrogen supply business and well-respected engineering consulting arm. With all these capabilities under one roof Energys continues to maintain its position as Australia’s leading green hydrogen company.


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