Energys Australia Announces Distribution Agreement with Linked Group

Energys Australia Announces Distribution Agreement with Linked Group


Energys Australia has joined forces with Linked Group Services to drive adoption of hydrogen energy solutions in Australia’s mining, rail and other remote operation industries such as agriculture.

Energys is Australia’s leading manufacturer of plug-and-play hydrogen fuel cell generators which deliver zero emissions electrical power from sustainable, renewable hydrogen sources. Linked Group already delivers solar and battery based renewable energy solutions to a wide range of customers across mining, agriculture, industrial and government. Together the two organisations are delivering a range of hybrid solar and hydrogen fuel-cell power generation products that will put 100% zero emission remote power in the hands of forward-thinking businesses around the country.

Current remote and off-grid solar power systems rely on traditional batteries to store excess energy for use overnight or when the sun is not shining. For critical systems, however, an on-demand auxiliary power generator is also required for periods when the solar array cannot recharge the batteries sufficiently. Traditionally this auxiliary power source is provided as a diesel gen-set which activates when battery voltage dips to cut-off levels. It is at this point that a simple and reliable zero emissions solar system becomes a more complex, less reliable, high-emissions diesel power generator.

To solve this problem Energys and Linked Group are offering customers the option to replace noisy and emissions intensive diesel gen-set auxiliary power with whisper quiet, highly reliable zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell generators. The solution provides customers with a reliable 100% zero emissions power source capable of operating for extended periods without sufficient solar energy.

Aside from the obvious positives of zero emissions power, the hybrid solar and hydrogen fuel cell system delivers a range of other benefits. Diesel gen-sets are complex machines with hundreds of moving parts that require regular servicing and maintenance. Energys low pressure hydrogen fuel cells, however, have only two moving parts and typically require only an air filter change 2 to 3 times a year depending on use. This increased reliability is particularly important for remote area operation where maintenance, servicing and downtime issues are amplified.

Because the fuel cell generator runs quiet, at low temperatures and emits only water vapour the system can be located in places where diesel gen-sets would not be well tolerated. This feature opens up a range of additional applications such as use close to work-places, in and around livestock areas and at public events.

There has been much talk in the media in recent times about the promise of the “hydrogen revolution”. What is has been lacking, however, is real-world ready products and solutions that can be adopted right now. The partnership between Energys Australia and Linked Group is dedicated to delivering the promise of renewable hydrogen in the form of plug-and-play hybrid solar and hydrogen fuel cell generators that are ready to go.

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