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Energys and Anlegg Join Forces to Propel Zero Emissions Maritime Solutions in Norway

Energys and Anlegg Join Forces to Propel Zero Emissions Maritime Solutions in Norway

Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 2024

In an exciting development for the maritime industry, Energys and Anlegg og Marine Service have announced a new partnership at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Conference and Tradeshow this week in Amsterdam.

The agreement is aimed at advancing zero-emission solutions in the Norwegian market. This collaboration formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), designates Anlegg as the distributor, after-purchase service, and support agent for Energys’ cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell systems in Norway. The partnership harnesses the strengths of both companies to support Norway’s ambitious decarbonisation goals and solidifies Energys’ position in the European maritime sector.

Leveraging Combined Expertise

Energys, an Australian leader in hydrogen technology, brings over a decade of research and development in hydrogen fuel cell systems to this partnership. Their technology promises to revolutionise maritime power with zero emissions, high efficiency, and robust performance. Anlegg, a Norwegian company with over 70 years of experience in supplying and servicing advanced marine equipment, offers an unparalleled depth of local expertise, facilities, and relationships within the Norwegian maritime sector.

Energys: Pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Energys is at the forefront of the transition to renewable hydrogen energy. Their marine fuel cell systems, developed through extensive research and real-world testing, represent a breakthrough in the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel for maritime applications. These systems are designed to replace traditional fossil fuel engines, providing a sustainable and efficient alternative that produces only distilled water vapour as emissions.

Energys offers a versatile range of hydrogen fuel cell systems for various marine applications:

For small to medium vessels: The product line-up includes the 90kW, 135kW, and 270kW Marine Powerhouses. These modular systems are scalable and feature high-efficiency, low-pressure PEM fuel cells. They are ideal for recreational craft, ferries, workboats, and auxiliary power applications.

For medium to large vessels: Energys provides 1MW, 2MW, and 3MW Marine Powerhouses. These systems deliver high power output with exceptional fuel efficiency, suitable for ferries, Ro-Ro ships, tugs, and large ocean vessels. Each system is designed to meet stringent safety standards, with advanced features such as low-pressure operation, comprehensive safety enclosures, and SCADA-based control interfaces.

Anlegg: A Trusted Marine Service Provider

Anlegg og Marine Service has been a cornerstone in the Norwegian maritime industry, known for their reliable supply and maintenance of propulsion systems. They serve a diverse range of applications, including offshore, freight and cargo vessels, fishing, ferries, fixed and floating offshore installations, aquaculture, and land-based facilities.

Their services include:

Supply and service of propulsion systems: Anlegg is an engine dealer for major brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Yanmar, and now Energys.

Service, maintenance, and overhaul: They offer comprehensive service for engines, fuel cells, propeller systems, generator sets, starters, and other mechanical equipment.

Sales of parts and accessories: Anlegg maintains a large inventory of parts, filters, and accessories, ensuring quick support and minimal downtime for their clients.

Domestic and international service agreements: Anlegg provides flexible service options tailored to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.

Trond Olsen, Managing Director of Anlegg, said,

“We are excited to partner with Energys to bring cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology to the Norwegian maritime industry. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to decarbonising the marine sector. By combining our extensive local expertise and infrastructure with Energys’ innovative solutions, we are poised to drive the transition to zero-emission maritime operations, contributing to a more sustainable future for Norway and beyond.”

Strategic Objectives of the Partnership

The partnership between Energys and Anlegg is built on a shared vision of accelerating the global transition to zero-emission hydrogen fuel for maritime applications. Key objectives include:

Supporting Norway’s Decarbonisation Goals: The partnership aims to leverage Norway’s strong commitment to maritime decarbonisation. Norway has already demonstrated leadership in this area, evidenced by the successful operation of a liquid hydrogen fuel cell ferry. The government and market’s commitment to zero-emission outcomes positions Norway as a global leader in this transition.

Providing Local Support: By combining Energys’ advanced fuel cell technology with Anlegg’s established market presence and expertise, the partnership ensures that customers receive local support and service. This is crucial for building customer confidence and facilitating the adoption of new technology.

Driving European Expansion: For Energys, this partnership is a strategic move to expand its footprint in Europe. Anlegg’s extensive network and trusted position in the Norwegian maritime sector will help Energys reach transitioning market customers more effectively.

Developing New Projects: The collaboration will focus on developing innovative zero-emission solutions for the Norwegian maritime market. Specific projects, to be announced in the coming months, will highlight the combined strengths of Energys and Anlegg in delivering advanced hydrogen technologies.

Impact on the Maritime Industry

The introduction of Energys’ hydrogen fuel cell systems in the Norwegian market, supported by Anlegg’s local expertise, promises significant advancements in the maritime industry. This partnership is poised to offer viable zero-emission alternatives for various maritime applications, including:

Harbour Craft and Workboats: Energys’ 90kW, 135kW, and 270kW systems are perfect for small to medium-sized vessels, providing modular and scalable power solutions.

Ferries and Large Vessels: The 1MW, 2MW, and 3MW Marine Powerhouses cater to medium to large vessels, ensuring high power output and efficiency for extensive maritime operations.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future

Energys and Anlegg are united in their vision to drive the global energy transition towards sustainability. By integrating their respective strengths, they aim to introduce zero-emission hydrogen solutions that displace fossil fuels and create sustainable jobs and economic opportunities.

Noel Dunlop, Founder and Vice President of Energys, remarked,

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Anlegg. By combining our hydrogen fuel power systems with Anlegg’s extensive market reach and marine expertise, we empower marine operators to adopt renewable hydrogen for their fleets, accelerating the global shift towards a sustainable energy future.”

The partnership between Energys and Anlegg represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a zero-emission maritime industry. This collaboration combines Energys’ groundbreaking hydrogen fuel cell technology with Anlegg’s trusted market presence and expertise, offering a robust and sustainable alternative to traditional marine power systems.

As Norway continues to lead the way in maritime decarbonisation, this partnership is well-positioned to support and enhance these efforts, providing innovative solutions and local support that are critical for a successful transition. Together, Energys and Anlegg are advancing technology and shaping maritime energy's future, one vessel at a time.

For more information about the partnership and future projects, visit and follow our journey towards a zero-emission maritime industry.

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