Energys hydrogen fuel cell generator

Energys 30 kW Fuel Cell Power Generator Online at Toyota Australia Hydrogen Centre

Altona, Victoria

Energys is proud to be a part of the Toyota Australia Hydrogen Centre Project (in conjunction with ARENA) through the integration of Energys' Fuel Cell Power Generator (Fuel Cell Genset). The Fuel Cell Genset has passed site acceptance testing and is officially operational at the facility. The hydrogen production and refuelling facility is the first of its kind in Victoria and represents an important milestone in the adoption of hydrogen for vehicle and stationary power.

The turn-key hydrogen Fuel Cell Genset was designed and manufactured by Energys and generates up to 30 KW of on demand zero emissions 3 phase AC power (400VAC) for use on site. Alongside the existing solar and (when necessary) grid power, the electricity produced is able to support the power demand of the centre.

Hydrogen gas is produced on site by an electrolyser powered by a roof mounted solar array, battery, and grid power when required. The hydrogen gas is stored in on-site tanks for vehicle refuelling and also piped to the Energys Fuel Cell Genset This approach enables excess hydrogen gas not used for refuelling to be utilised as an electricity source.

Gydrogen Fuel Cell Genset

Energys Australia has spent the past decade perfecting its range of hydrogen power products and offers a range of proven and reliable Fuel Cell Gensets and Powerhouse products. Toyota Australia is one of a growing number of forward-thinking organisations to acquire an Energys zero-emissions Fuel Cell Gen Sets.

The Energys range of Fuel Cell Gensets are an economical zero-emissions alternative to diesel gensets in many applications. With a purpose-built enclosure, these safe reliable systems come complete with all requisite cooling and power electrics ready for installation on site. The power electrics are provided with a DC/AC inverters and transformers as required and the fully self-contained systems are equipped with an onboard HMI touchscreen and remote access for ease of use and control.

The Fuel Cell Genset range is modular and scalable offering turn-key electrical power anywhere from 5KW to 45KW. For larger scale electricity requirements Energys also offers containerised “Powerhouse” generators up to megawatt range. The entire range of Energys hydrogen power products is designed and built locally in its Mulgrave facility by its internationally recognised team of leading scientists, engineers, technicians and hydrogen experts. With a significant and growing number of orders for its products, this team is set to grow considerably in the next twelve months.

Market adoption of renewable hydrogen as an energy source is fast gaining traction, spurred on by a combination of government incentives and commercial development. Toyota Australia’s Hydrogen Centre is a prime example of this success story combining ARENA funding with its own investment to deliver a Victorian first renewable hydrogen capability.

The full commissioning of the Energys Fuel Cell Genset at Altona is another important milestone in Australia’s adoption of zero emissions hydrogen power. In partnership with forward thinking organisations Energys will continue with its mission to make zero emissions hydrogen power accessible, economical and convenient for all Australians.


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