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ARENA Green Hydrogen Feasability Study

ARENA Releases Dyno Nobel Renewable Hydrogen Feasibility Study by Energys (formerly ANT Energy Solutions)

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has released a feasibility study evaluating the construction of a renewable hydrogen facility (RHF) for production of green hydrogen for the Dyno Nobel Moranbah (DNM) ammonium nitrate production facility in Moranbah, Queensland. The report was commissioned by Dyno Nobel and undertaken by Energys (formerly ANT Energy Solutions) in 2019 and 2020. The report was co-funded by ARENA and Dyno Nobel.


In producing the study Energys leveraged their considerable understanding of global renewable hydrogen markets and technologies combined with an up to the moment view of local industry requirements. In doing so, Energys Australia was able to create a plan for a facility capable of providing a continuous supply of renewable hydrogen suitable for ammonia manufacturing from solar energy only.

Beyond the production of hydrogen as feedstock for ammonia production the study also explored market options for additional returns through the monetisation of surplus hydrogen into high value applications such as transport.

Read the full report here >


Energys Australia via its strong industry network helped establish the project and collaboratively worked with Dyno Nobel to secure ARENA funding to undertake this seminal, extensive feasibility study, with Dyno Nobel.

The Energys team have been at the forefront of green hydrogen technology in Australia since 2012 and offer independent consulting engineering services using proprietary models and processes developed over almost a decade or real-world project experience.

The Increasing investment in low emissions initiatives have helped the Green Hydrogen market and it’s technologies advance at a rapid pace.  The Energys Australia team maintain an up to the moment view of this landscape and are ready to partner with both government and private sector organisations to ensure that future hydrogen projects meet with success and become part of Australia’s green hydrogen future.

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