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Hydorgen fuel cell manufactoring Australia

Manufacturing Scales Up at Energys for Hydrogen Power Products

Energys Australia has commenced volume manufacture of its third-generation fuel cell power products at a new manufacturing facility in Mulgrave Victoria.

Australia and the Global Hydrogen Economy - Noel Dunlop, Energys Australia

8 April 2022

Hydrogen Expo Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Founder and Vice President of leading green hydrogen company Energys Australia speaks about the global hydrogen market and Australia's emerging role. The talk covers current and future trends across green hydrogen, transport, stationary power, electricity grid and gas networks.

Australian Hydrogen Forum - Roger Knight

Energys Australia Managing Director Roger Knight discusses our real world experience in Green Hydrigen at the Australian Hydrogen Forum.

Energys hydrogen fuel cell generator

Energys 30 kW Fuel Cell Power Generator Online at Toyota Australia Hydrogen Centre

Altona, Victoria

Energys is proud to be a part of the Toyota Australia Hydrogen Centre Project (in conjunction with ARENA) through the integration of Energys' Fuel Cell Power Generator (Fuel Cell Genset). The Fuel Cell Genset has passed site acceptance testing and is officially operational at the facility. The hydrogen production and refuelling facility is the first of its kind in Victoria and represents an important milestone in the adoption of hydrogen for vehicle and stationary power.

The turn-key hydrogen Fuel Cell Genset was designed and manufactured by Energys and generates up to 30 KW of on demand zero emissions 3 phase AC power (400VAC) for use on site. Alongside the existing solar and (when necessary) grid power, the electricity produced is able to support the power demand of the centre.

Ready to Go

Energys has been leading the Australian hydrogen market for over 10 years because we know how to make green hydrogen work in the real world.

Energys Green Hydrogen Australia