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Green Hydrogen Consulting Engineering

We know green hydrogen because we pioneered it

Energys Australia’s independent Consulting Engineering arm has been at the forefront green hydrogen technology in Australia since 2012. After pioneering green hydrogen since its early beginnings this team has now grown to become one of the only groups in Australia with qualified project and system experience.

By tapping into our world class knowledge, expertise and experience Energys clients can ensure their project is set up for success from early concept stage all the way to commissioning.

Set up for success

We offer independent consulting engineering services using our proprietary models and processes developed over almost a decade or real-world project experience. Our highly effective stage gated program de-risks the project development process at every step by confirming feasibility, mitigating risks and providing a proven framework for accurate costings and timings.

As your team of experts, the Energys Consulting Engineering team will partner with you at every stage of the process. Our team can also form the experienced backbone of the EPCM selection, appointment and management process.

No matter what stage your hydrogen project is at, our team is here to ensure that it meets with success and becomes part of Australia’s green hydrogen future.

Green hydrogen consulting

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